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Disciplined Agile:

                                                                                       12/12/21: Disciplined Agile® Senior Scrum Master(DASSM) – Weekend                                                         

About Us

We offer PMI and SAFe training with mentored weekly study groups so that busy professionals can pass certification exams in less than 4 weeks!

Chalix Certification Training & Consulting

Chalix is a training and consulting company steered by Agile hearts. We specialize in guiding enterprise Agile transformations, starting with understanding the need for the change. We help your culture shift naturally to Agile, and we provide the guidance you need to lead the changes—and more importantly, to sustain them.

We are a group of agile practitioners who are passionate about bringing Agile education to every project management professional. Our certification classes include Leading SAFe®, SAFe® POPM, SAFe® for Teams, SAFe® Scrum Masters, Advanced SAFe® Scrum Masters, RTEs, DevOps, and Lean PM.

Our Approach

We believe that everyone learns differently—we never use a “one size fits all” approach in our training.  We work to ensure that after our training class, you have the necessary knowledge and skills to get certified. But Chalix continues to support you after our workshops end. Although no one can guarantee that you will pass the test, we work with you even long after your class is over, answering your questions to help you solidify the understanding you acquired in the class.

Our goal is to build the best launchpad you can have for your certification test, and beyond that, the practical skill base you need to apply Agile principles successfully in your career.

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.
— Confucius

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