Career Academy believes in challenging the status quo in everything we do. We believe in thinking differently. We do this by making our coaching service unique through iterative learning, being simple to learn, and getting support from coaches and other team members. 

What is Mastermind Class?  

Mastermind Class is a product of Chalix, LLC designed to help students prepare their skills and mindset to achieve the career goal!  

Benefits of taking the Mastermind Class:  

1. Don’t fight alone. Join the gang, listen, share, learn, and act wisely  

2. Stay up-to-date on job trend  

3. Enrich yourself  

4. Help others  

5. Rediscover yourself  

Step 1

Attend a FREE 45-min seminar on job searching strategies. 

Step 3

Choose the courses that are offered in our curriculum. 

Step 2

Engage in virtual screening with our mentors and discuss the best action plan for the next phase.

Step 4

Participate in course introduction seminar followed with a 2-day Discussion & Solution Workshop. Our mastermind class allows our students to develop a customized job-search action plan to pave their way for success!