Kanban vs. Scrum Board, what is your pick?

Chalix Founder and Agile Coach, Helen Fleming, MBA, PMP, SPC5, share’s some insight on Kanban along with a few notes to consider if your team is interested in incorporating this framework.

Recently, I have found effective use of Kanban and Scrum Boards with my teams. A Scrum board is time constrained. For example, every two weeks the team needs to deliver working software. A Kanban board is not time constrained and establishes communication through visual management. Kanban provides a pull system that allows a steady flow of work until it’s completed. It helps the team managing day to day work with minimum overhead and effective team collaboration.

Benefits of Kanban:

  • Very lightweight and fluid
  • Limits WIP (work in process)
  • Allows customers to change priorities on the fly
  • Respects current roles, responsibilities, and titles
  • Focus is on achieving an optimal, sustainable throughput
  • Enables the team to visualize the work flow to identify bottlenecks, constraints, and issues with the system

In our teams, we use Kanban for post launch product support and a Scrum board for new feature development. We’re also considering running our portfolios with Kanban.

How about your organization? What is your main objective in implementing Kanban? Do you feel that this “Scrum-ban” type of environment will help you delivery value?

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