Our Trainers

Helen Fleming, MBA, PMP, SPC5

Helen Fleming is an Agile coach, entrepreneur, and educator. She’s experienced at building and leading PMOs and Agile enterprise transformations. She is a very passionate manager, leader, lifelong learner, and coach. She believes in starting with “the why” and “the mindset” and her personal why is to empower others to achieve their goals.

Helen is an explorer; she enjoys travel and learning from different cultures. In the past 20 years, she has traveled with her family to over 56 counties and strives to be present everywhere she goes. She prefers taking local transportation, dining at local restaurants and coffee shops, and communicating in the local language when possible.

Helen is an MBA, a certified agile coach (by ICAgile), a PMP and ACP (by the Project Management Institute), an SPC5 and RTE (by Scaled Agile, Inc.), and a CSM (by the Scrum Alliance). She currently works as an Agile practice consultant and lecturer at Northeastern University Seattle campus.

Sarah L. Stewart, SPC5, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSM, CSPO

Sarah is a Senior Technical PM, Agile Coach, and consultant. She helps organizations, from individual teams all the way up to the enterprise level, adopt Agile/Lean practices and frameworks. She works as a coach, trainer, mentor, and writer. Sarah holds current certifications from Scaled Agile (Scaled Agile consultant) and the Scrum Alliance (certified scrum professional as both a Scrum Master and Product Owner).

She started her career as a software engineer at Microsoft shortly after getting her BA in Computer Science. After 15 years in engineering she caught the “Agile bug” and went into consulting. She’s served in every major role on an Agile team (engineer, manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Coach), and is adept in coaching on XP practices and how to apply them to SAFe and DevOps, particularly at a technical level. She believes in taking a pragmatic approach to Agile adoption: learn the methodologies and frameworks and then adapt them to fit the specific organization’s requirements, but without wavering from the methodology’s central values and principles. She teaches from experience, as she’s been in the trenches herself many times.

Sarah has managed a large-scale Agile transformation at Microsoft and is currently coaching at T-Mobile.

Ram Kollengode, PMP, ITIL, CSM, SAFe SPC, SAFe RTE

Ram is an experienced Transformation Coach, who has lead a range of large scale, complex business transformation programs, supported by over 3 decades of hands on delivery of IT solutions within large corporates. 

As a SAFe Expert, Trainer, and Principal Consultant with expertise in Banking, Insurance, Government and Big 4 Management consulting, Ram offers competitive pricing and flexible schedule to match the work-life balance of students and prepares the students for Agile career with real time interview preparation built-in the training.

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“One of the finest trainers I have ever worked with.”

—Bella P. Principal Technical Program Manager