What to expect after COVID

As the COVID-19 vaccination process continues undergoing with a steady pace, we are regaining our grip on the ground in this battle against the pandemic. It is anticipated that we are moving towards a normalcy some time in the future. No matter how soon the “normalcy” will come, being that 100 days, 100 weeks, or 100 months, one thing for sure — our lifestyle would have to be changed inevitably. This article offers an outlook on what will happen to our learning and work: We are living in a new “low-touch” economy. It’s time to adapt and shift our mindsets, develop skills and rethink how we make decisions to stay agile, connected and human. 

By the way…have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

The future of face-to-face: how COVID-19 will reshape learning and work

We are in the midst of a massive global social experiment. The very nature of our regular day-to-day, face-to-face training, meetings and work is being challenged at a fundamental level.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has busted the myth that work-from-home and online training is impractical or ineffective;
  • Digital learning and learning via telepresence will become an accepted, “must-have” part of a blended working and learning environment;
  • Traditional instructional design will take cues from mobile-first instructional design and apply the science of adult learning to instruction that is increasingly mediated by smartphones, tablets and PCs;
  • More openness to a diversity of solutions will see less top-down, one-size-fits-all technology solutions within companies; and more consultation with end-users about what online learning and working platforms should be adopted.

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