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Start with why and start with mindset

It started with a long-lasting passion for helping young students to kick-start their early careers. After many leisurely cups of coffee at Starbucks in Issaquah, we (Helen and Steve, two inquisitive entrepreneurs), finally rolled up our sleeves to do something about it. 

After years of being helped by others, both of us wanted to give back to our community. We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do. We believe in thinking differently. We believe that educating young students with the right mindset and skillset will enable them to succeed. 

Many international students who study business and art in the US, face the challenge of landing a job after graduation. In addition to coping with work authorization restrictions, these students have insufficient experience understanding the US job market and its cultural differences. 

We decided to run an experiment to find an answer. We, as coaches, have partnered with five Seattle area master’s degree students on our journey into the unknown – we name ourselves Team Sammamish! The two coaches had traveled this road themselves, as first-generation immigrants who achieved fulfilling corporate and entrepreneur careers over the course of decades. The five students are daring pioneers in this expedition. 

We did this by making our coaching service product unique through iterative learning, being simple to learn, and getting support from coaches and other team members. Our experiment started with the Hypothesis and Verification phase, in which Team Sammamish performed market analysis, determined the necessary skills through surveys and reviews, designed a curriculum to learn them, drafted a business plan, and made it ready for market validation and trial. This was all accomplished by us through an intensive six-week program with Program Increment planning, weekly execution iterations, daily standups, and demonstrations. 

Now we’re furthering our experiment to see if this novel career coaching solution will lead to a sustainable business in the near future, and so that we’ll be able to help more people. 

Yes, we believe in thinking differently. We believe our service product can build your confidence and skills to carry on your career endeavors and build lifelong friends. 

Come join our meetings. We are all eager to share our experiences with you and learn from you! 

Helen and Steve
March 17, 2020

Helen Fleming, MBA, PMP, SPC
Steve Yin, PhD

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