Team Sammamish


Helen Fleming

Agile coach, entrepreneur, and educator experienced leading PMOs and agile transformations. Helen is very passionate about lifelong learning, coaching, and empower others to achieve their goals.

Steve Yin

An entrepreneur with diverse experience in technical / program/team management, as well as startup strategy and operation, avid for critical thinking, getting things done and making an impact on society.​


Heather Wang

A young professional pursuing a master’s program in project management. With a combined PM/HR/Leadership education, I enjoy working and learning with people from different culture & knowledge background. ​

Jenny Wang

Currently an MSPM student with a background in Linguistics and Applied Math who loves to solve problems and meet new challenges through continual learning with creativity and curiosity.​

Darren Gumulya

MSPM student with a background in Industrial Engineering with strong business acumen and proven history of helping companies streamline processes, maintaining product quality and customer/client relationship.​

Harry He

Harry has been passionate in learning cultural differences. Not only did he participate in multiple UN-related events and internships, but he also appeared as a protagonist in a documentary film called Maineland that talks about it. Come talk to me about all the interesting things on Earth!

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